We are a team of creative people with more than ten years of experience in the audio-visual industry.

We have worked on Hollywood films and high-end commercials in the best studios in the Czech Republic and Europe. We love combining live action with 3D visualization and animation.

We come up with great ideas and tell great stories. 

We shoot, we animate and we do visual effects. In other words, we communicate – your brand, your story.

We will shoot you an advertisement, a viral video, a company presentation, your product or you, personally. We will combine it with your logo, motion graphics, or 3D animation because we know that quality visuals are worth a thousand words – anywhere – on networks, on the web or in the media.

If necessary, we can deliver an entire branding strategy for your idea or product – from logos and visuals to websites and commercials.

Advertising, 3D animation, Motion graphics, Visualization, Company videos, Product videos, Branding, Webpages… anything you can dream of, we can bring to life. Just contact us!

Our team

Markéta Fulínová

Director, Production manager
+420 777 002 225

Dalibor Janda

VFX supervisor

Ondřej Přidal

Producer / Partner


Email: office@thomscreative.com