Corporate videos for nangu.TV

Production, motion graphics, 3D animations

we had a pleasure to work with one of the most innovative companies in the field of interactive TV services and help them to communicate their IPTV platform and services via corporate videos, covering the wide range of companys areas. From history, to interview with lead managment, to showcasing products and services. We had an oppurtunity to display a nangtu.TV platform flow in a unique way via motion. Using the latest 3D animation and storytelling we have been able to introduce the whole platform in a clear and modern look.


Several filming days including interviews, 3D animation and postproduction. Project ranging in 8-10 weeks from early production to final delivery.

Client: nangu.TV
Production length: 2 videos (2-3 minutes lenght)
Team size: (3 members)
Realization date: summer 2020


Phone: + 420 755 60 20